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Mackay classes, courses and tutors

Mackay Exchange is a free and simple way to find or offer classes, courses and tutors.

Peruse the ads or click submit to advertise a Mackay class, course, teaching or tutoring service. Includes:

• Mackay computer, science and maths tutors, lessons, teachers, classes and courses for primary school, high school or tertiary students

• Music lessons, dance classes and drama courses

• Mackay driving lessons, driving schools and driving instructors

• Mackay English tutors and classes – ESL, TESOL and IELTS courses

• Mackay languages tutors and teachers - Cantonese, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, German, and so on

• Health and fitness classes - yoga, tai chi, meditation, pilates, and so on

• Hobby and leisure courses - cooking classes, wine appreciattion, art classes, pottery, jewellry making, sewing, scrapbooking, and so on

Advertising Tips:

• Click SUBMIT and follow the simple prompts to post your advert
• Start with a catchy, informative headline that instantly let's people know what is on offer eg Beginners French Lessons, Secondary Maths Tutoring, Life Drawing Classes, Silver Jewellery Making, etc
• Use a pcture. Attract attention and increase response to your ad
• The better your description of your class or tutoring service the more response from genuinely interested potential students you can expect so feel free to use the whole generous text allowance if you wish
• If you have your own domain please feel free to include your web address. In upgraded ads that becomes a working link with extra benefits
• Genuine potential students will not hesitate to call, include a contact no
• Don’t capitalise your whole ad text – it emphasises nothing and submissions in capitals will convert to lower case
• Attempts to format will be unsuccessful and make your ad unappealing to read and lots of or ---- for eg will make your ad less findable on web searches by interested parties
• If you want to increase the speed and no of responses you can pay a small fee to upgradeto make sure that people see your ad first – it will be larger, get top billing above free ads and can contain 5 images
"Would most definitely recommend this site to other people!

My advertisement got me in touch with people who wanted to learn Spanish and it helped me start tutoring.

- E. Tresize



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