Gay and lesbian free personals ads for Mackay, Queensland
Mackay gays & lesbians looking for new friends, partners or relationship can place a simple free personals ad.

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Mackay Gay and Lesbian FREE Personals Ads

Are you looking for new friends or a potential Mackay partner or relationship ?

Welcome to ... Exchange Free Gay and Lesbian Personals

Mackay Exchange provides a quick, simple, safe and free opportunity for Mackay gays and lesbians to make contact with potential Mackay dating and relationship partners online – no nonsense!

Placing personals ads is FREE

Contacting other personals advertisers is FREE

• Only current personals ads are shown

• It takes just a minute or two to place a personals ad
"I came across your site accidentally, but I`m glad I did.

I didn`t even know there was a site like this.

This site is a true winner designed for people seeking alternative friendships they simply cannot find.

I just wanted to say thankyou.

- Joanne

Tips: Find a partner online

Don’t be shy - Use a picture! Free personals ads may contain an image and upgraded ads up to five images

• You don’t need to write an essay but do make sure you include personal details such as your age, sex, occupation, hobbies and interests when placing a personals ad

• Ladies will need to have some idea whether or not it is likely to be worth making contact with you and if you can’t be bothered to say anything I dare say they’ll not be bothered to contact you either ... respect everyone’s time and get response from genuine possible partners!

• When replying don’t cut and paste the same old response indiscriminately – it shows and won’t be seen as personal and sincere

• Take the opportunity to use the secure mail system to get to know and trust the other party before revealing any direct contact information

Play it safe! Never include a direct phone number or email address in your ad copy

• Don’t apologise! Online personals are the new norm for busy professionals looking for a partner

• This is NOT AN ADULT MEET-UP WEBSITE. Those using these Personals in that way can expect to be barred from use.

• Please don’t include information in your ad copy which is way too personal to be published. Save really personal stuff for later !
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